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Head of Organizational Development

Strategic, people-oriented, and Tech enthusiast?

Head of Organizational Development

Your Responsibilities:

You are the architect of the Tech Club's future. Your mission: to cultivate a vibrant culture and build a formidable team. Through recruitment, personal branding, and fostering an environment that promotes growth and collaboration, you will ensure the Tech Club remains a beacon for top talent. Your efforts, managing the office, and enhancing our brand will be instrumental in our club's success. Gain job-relevant people management skills and join us for two or more semesters. 

Your expertise:

As the architect of the Tech Club's future, you should bring strong leadership, interpersonal, and recruitment skills. Your ability to foster growth, enhance our brand, and manage the office is crucial.

This role is eligible for 4 campus credits.

How to Apply:

  • CV

  • Latest transcripts

  • <400-word motivation letter outlining your vision for the TechClub's organizational development

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