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Head of Operations

Efficiency expert, orchestrator, leader, and Tech enthusiast?

Head of Operations

Your Responsibilities:

You are the one overviewing the clubs project leaders making sure all events and partnerships are fruitful. From administrative oversight to event logistics and partnership management, your efficiency and organizational skills will ensure smooth sailing. You're not just maintaining the status quo; you're optimizing it. Your responsibilities include crafting efficient processes, overseeing the events from start to finish to support the Tech Clubs activities. Engage in a role that challenges and refines your operational and leadership skills, all while being at the heart of a community passionate about technology. Gain leadership experience and join us for two or more semesters. 

Your expertise:

As the overseer of project leaders, you need strong organizational skills to ensure successful events and partnerships. You'll manage logistics, optimize processes, and support Tech Club activities.

This role is eligible for 4 campus credits.

How to Apply:

  • CV

  • Latest transcripts

  • <400-word motivation letter outlining your vision for the TechClub's Operations

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