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Head of Finance

Meticulous, trustworthy and Tech enthusiast?

Head of Finance

Your responsibilities:

You are the internal Single Point of Contact for anything finance at the Tech Club - with your thorough and diligent personality and your interest in technology you oversee spending and revenue of other departments, maintain the club's financial health and advise the president in financial regards. Gain job-relevant bookkeeping experience and join us for two or more semesters. 

Your expertise:

You should have expertise in finance and accounting, with a strong attention to detail and diligence. Be proficient in bookkeeping practices and financial analysis. Additionally, you should possess good communication skills to advise the president and collaborate with other departments.

This role is eligible for 4 campus credits.

How to apply:

  • CV

  • Latest transcripts

  • <400-word motivation letter on why you’d like the position

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