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About the Group
The "Artificial Intelligence" project group serves as a focal point for exploring the profound impact of AI across a range of industries.

Spearheaded by David M. Wagner, a respected PhD candidate, the group is committed to deepening the understanding of AI's role in modern business and technology landscapes.

Who Can Join?
Open to all HSG students with an enthusiasm for artificial intelligence, the group offers an inclusive platform for in-depth exploration and discussion.

Our Mission
Our group aims to:
- Foster discussion on groundbreaking developments in AI
- Share valuable insights and expert perspectives
- Investigate the most recent trends and forward-thinking ideas in the field

Through these efforts, we strive to elucidate how artificial intelligence is not only affecting industries today but also shaping the trajectory of future innovations.

Become a member

Do you want to learn more about coding, natural language processing or FinTech? Then become a member now and get access to all events, documents and people that are part of our community. Join now!

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